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Kyo and Tohru 8
Tohru’s POV
“You look better now that you’re out of the house,” Kyo states, preventing the silence from furthering. I cast my eyes towards him and his face seems to have a stern look. I begin to giggle.
“I feel a lot better, Kyo. Thank you!”
Kyo stops midway through the woods. I peek at him. His orange-red eyes surveys me. He steps closer to me until we’re both centimeters apart. My breathing became ragged.
Kyo glances at my bottom lip then to my eyes. We’re in a situation that we shouldn’t be in. I want to kiss him, I want him to kiss me. Since the day he dropped down from the roof, I’ve always had a special love for Kyo. He’s the only one who can bring me this much joy. There is no one who I’d rather be with than Kyo.
He closes his eyes and leans in. My eyes close, waiting. Our lips meet a split second later. This mouth is warm yet soft. I want more. I don’t know why but I want more. We part, both ar
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Six Word Story With Picture by crimenationlove Six Word Story With Picture :iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 1 0
Kyo and Tohru 7
Kyo’s POV
I stare at her. I can’t move. She looks as beautiful as she always has been. Her face breaks out into a smile. I feel my body begin to relax. Everything is alright with the world. All this pain I have been feeling and even my nervousness has been lifted. I don’t want this feeling to go away.
“You just going to continue blocking the entrance Kyo? We want to see her too!” the rabbit screamed. Momiji pushes me out of the way and kisses Tohru on the cheek.
“It’s nice to see everyone! Come on in!” Tohru says, creaking the door open wider. We all step into the house, one by one. The walls are white but with picture frames here and there. They all have Tohru on them, some with friends, some with family, even some where she’s by herself. I’m intrigued. “Sit on the couch and the chairs, if you need more we have some chairs in the kitchen I can bring out.”
The couch fill up quickly, I decide to sit on the fl
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Kyo and Tohru 6
Kyo’s POV
School is boring as it always is. The teachers are boring. My classmates are boring. Nothing seems to catch my eye since she left. I gaze out the window and see nothing but rain. It’s like the weather knows my mood.
A rod is slammed on my desk. I glance up and my face blanches. “Hana and I are coming with you tomorrow. No exceptions.”
“The Prince told us that you and your family are going to go and see Tohru. Hana and I are attending. No buts.”
“You thought I would fight you? Tohru will be glad to see you and Hana.”
“Orange-head, I’m surprised with you.” Ou exclaimed, roughly petting my hair.
“Quit it Yankee!” I yelp, desperate to be let go.
Ou releases me then inspecting me, like I’m an experiment. “You miss her.” I feel like she can see right through me. I sigh, I do not want to have this conversation with this wack job. I got it from that damn rat, I d
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Kyo and Tohru 5
Kyo’s POV
“Everything okay there Kyo?” Shigure inquired.
“No. Tohru’s trying not to make any of us worried about her, she sucks at it,” I remark miserably.
I step away from the phone and head into the kitchen. It took me forever to get ahold of not only her number but the address. Once I get ahold of him he’s not going to see the next light of day. Quickly opening the refrigerator I grab the milk on the top shelf. Closing the refrigerator I head over the stove and pull out the pan from the cabinet.
“You don’t seem too excited to go see Miss Honda next week. Is everything okay?”
“Not right now rat.”
“You know I’m not going to accept that answer.”
Yuki stands besides me. Ever since Tohru left, Yuki and I have tried patching things up. There are times when neither of us want to deal with each other, but today is not one of those days. I turn to Yuki, his eyes are unwavering an
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Kyo and Tohru 4
Tohru’s POV
I’m still not used to being in the village. I’m not acting like myself anymore since I’ve been here. I guess it’s my way of saying I don’t want to be in the village.
School is different now. There is nothing but shocked looks when I walk by. I’ve heard some of the rumors; I was resurrected, I was kidnapped, or I was on the run from the law. Much of this is false, but I don’t have the courage to tell anyone about what’ve been up to since I left.
My teachers don’t really acknowledge my existence and the students only give me stares while whispering about me. There is no one who I can call my friend. There is no Hana, Arisa, Yuki, or Kyo to stay besides me. There is no one but Sensei when I arrive home or Neo when he visits.
Neo and I have been friends since we were three. He does not live in my village, but he lives in the village next door. From what he tells me, he’ll be the next Hokage.
Today I don
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 1 0
I have always regretted living
Sometimes I envy those who died
God is not so giving
I think God knows how much I have tried
But God still won’t give me my wish
Soon I wonder if I will get squished
My time is coming
I can tell
I keep bumming through
But all I can think about is Hell
Right now I’ll regret
And make a bet
That God will answer my prayers
Before anyone figures out about the affairs
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 0 0
Kyo and Tohru 3
Kyo’s POV
It’s been over a week since she left. The house is quiet without her. No matter how long I wish, she won’t be here.
I walk to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Shigure and Yuki have already started making a mess since she left. Everyday I have to clean or we won’t be able to see the floor of the kitchen and we’ll have to start eating take out.
I look around, everything in this area reminds me of her. That man took her away and we don’t know where they went. Yuki and I have tried finding information about him, but there seems to be nothing on him. We’ve talked to Shigure but he said that the man never once said his name and Tohru didn’t either. Shigure mentioned that Tohru was not happy to leave. An idiot would know she didn’t want to leave; she looked miserable going to the house to get her things.
Maybe I should’ve chased that car longer. Maybe I should’ve ran faster. I should’ve done a lot of thi
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 3 0
Kyo and Tohru 2
Tohru’s POV
Once again, the classroom was quiet when I walked in. Swiftly, I grabbed my bag which rested against my chair.  I stand up and look around. Arisa and Hana are staring at me, bewildered. They must be wondering why I was leaving, but I do not have the heart to let them know that this could be the last time I ever see them again.
The door to the classroom slowly opened. Yuki and Kyo walked in. They looked at me and then sat down. I didn’t stare at them long; I couldn’t dare to look upon their faces of horror.
For the last time, I stepped out in total silence and attention on myself, then I shut the door. Everything in my life has once again been changed. First my mom, then find somewhere to live while grandpa had his house remodeled, moving into Shigure’s house even though Akito had his fits, and now this. It gets harder and harder to smile when everything seems to constantly change in life. I don’t want to live in the village; I
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 3 0
Everything has changed
Nothing is the same
Everyone thinks that I'm a game
I feel deranged
I've lost sight if who I am
I guess it's now time to change myself
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 3 4
The Kira Diary Chapter 1
May 20, 2015
Dear friend,
I’ve lasted much more than what I would have thought. I surely don’t know how I survived this long. Things have changed since I last wrote the letter in 2012. I feel more tired and angry.
I’m tired because it’s hard to sleep. When I am able to sleep it doesn’t last long, I always end up waking up. I’ve tried certain sleeping pills but they do not have any effect on me. I’m starting to wonder when there will be a day when I will be able to sleep for longs periods of times and not wake up. I don’t know why I always wake up, usually in a cold sweat. I’m thinking it’s the dreams turned into nightmares. I may not remember the nightmare when I wake up, but my body does.
I do know why I am angry. My home is no longer my home. My grandmother has recently moved in and there is no such thing as privacy. All she wants to do is gossip. Everything coming out of her mouth is negative. I don’t think she can sa
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I see you everyday
I see you everyday when I close my eyes.
I see you everyday when I look at something that reminds me of you.
I see the way you smirk,
And the way you get happy, sad, or upset.
Everything about you makes me have fluttering feelings.
You just brighten everything in my life.
I wish I didn’t see you this way.
You cheated,
You lied,
You spread hate towards me.
All you wanted was to waste time.
I love everything about you.
I wish I didn’t.
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 0 4
Our love is like a window
Our love is like a window
Not clean
Not that dirty
It contains fingerprints from people
The ones that touched us to the core still remain
No matter how hard we try to clean it
The fingerprints are our reminders
Of everything we've ever put into each other
The happy
The sad
The angry moments that just don't leave
All of them remain
Our love of dedication
And betrayal remain
They are the ones that are scratches that won't disappear
Our love has shattered
It litters the floor underneath everyone
They walk around or on top of us
We are now in pieces
Our window will not be repaired
The relationship is gone
Our window no longer exists
But I found two new windows
One for them
One for me
They are with someone who has no scratches
I have one that has yet to be put up
I'm okay
I'm now no longer in repair
Our love is like a window
Can you see how fragile it can be?
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 1 4
Mature content
Cutting :iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 1 2
Dr. Seuss Quote by crimenationlove Dr. Seuss Quote :iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 1 0
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
You only need me when something is wrong
I don't get it
It wasn't like this before
You won't talk to me
You won't even knowledge my existence
I am not a toy
I am not an object
I am a human being
I am your friend
Don't treat me like I'm invisible
I talk
I listen
I help with everything
Why treat me like crap if all I do is help you?
Truly what am I to you?
We are friends
I'm not just a therapist
I deserve respect and help too
Even though sometimes you think otherwise
So thanks
I know where I lie in your eyes
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove 0 6
My pics, art, and poems are kinda weird and a little bad, but it's part of what happens when your not that good.


P5 - Arsene Jocker by kuro-mai P5 - Arsene Jocker :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 356 13 Fruits Basket by kuro-mai Fruits Basket :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 5,969 656 HAU: Back to Hogwarts by Nanabbi HAU: Back to Hogwarts :iconnanabbi:Nanabbi 18 5 That's one way to break the news I guess by zarla That's one way to break the news I guess :iconzarla:zarla 3,870 578 It's a start by zarla It's a start :iconzarla:zarla 2,719 407 Raven Starfire by sakimichan Raven Starfire :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,160 525 Cosmos - Tower by ned-rogers Cosmos - Tower :iconned-rogers:ned-rogers 3,700 70 Shadow Dragon by GENZOMAN Shadow Dragon :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,994 134 Graduation by ituki-t Graduation :iconituki-t:ituki-t 739 133 graduation by lunaticjoker graduation :iconlunaticjoker:lunaticjoker 2,086 87
Here we are together
We've been through it all
The fights, the break-ups,
The drama that was everywhere
And through it all we made it
Standing here today
I don't know what to say or do
Tears are running down my face
I'm not sure what for
Is it because we are finally here
Or is it because we are saying good-bye
I wish so much that I could say
"I'll see you in the fall!
Have a good summer!"
But then I might be lying
Some I might never see again
Graduation is finally here
Seems like yesterday
We were freshman so unsure
God how could the years go by so fast?
We promise to keep in touch
But twenty-years from now
Will we really be friends,
Or will we just be memories
One things for sure though
We'll always  have the memories
That we managed to make
The good ones, the bad ones,
And the straight out ugly ones.
I know the good ones will
Out number all the rest
Good luck with your life
And now let us go
Our different ways
And always remember
The fights, the break-up
:iconcrazy-yaoi-freak:crazy-yaoi-freak 57 36
Ana Overwatch by Picolo-kun Ana Overwatch :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,070 130 Djeeta n Lyria by Villyane Djeeta n Lyria :iconvillyane:Villyane 346 12 Echoes call afar by EbruSidar Echoes call afar :iconebrusidar:EbruSidar 135 1 Assembly by cyberkite Assembly :iconcyberkite:cyberkite 60 2 Goodnight kiss - No.6 by 25naruxsasu Goodnight kiss - No.6 :icon25naruxsasu:25naruxsasu 345 49
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Tohru’s POV
“You look better now that you’re out of the house,” Kyo states, preventing the silence from furthering. I cast my eyes towards him and his face seems to have a stern look. I begin to giggle.

“I feel a lot better, Kyo. Thank you!”

Kyo stops midway through the woods. I peek at him. His orange-red eyes surveys me. He steps closer to me until we’re both centimeters apart. My breathing became ragged.

Kyo glances at my bottom lip then to my eyes. We’re in a situation that we shouldn’t be in. I want to kiss him, I want him to kiss me. Since the day he dropped down from the roof, I’ve always had a special love for Kyo. He’s the only one who can bring me this much joy. There is no one who I’d rather be with than Kyo.

He closes his eyes and leans in. My eyes close, waiting. Our lips meet a split second later. This mouth is warm yet soft. I want more. I don’t know why but I want more. We part, both are breathing rapid and shocked. In no time at all Kyo dives back in with his lips parted. I follow suit, and without hesitation Kyo position in my mouth and we’re french kissing. My body is buzzed. Kyo settles his hands on my hips and I sink into his touch. Please don’t let this end. Time passes and he parts from my lips. I feel disorganized, spacey. I start to giggle.

Kyo examines me with soft orange-red eyes and a grin. Kyo moves his hands from my hips and places them in my hands. Kyo rests his forehead on mine, gazing at my eyes. I gaze back at him. This can’t be real. I must be having a out of this world dream.
A rustling from nearby interrupts. We watch as the tree next to us begins to shake. We gape at, wondering who could be behind the tree. Our silent questions are soon answered.

A person pops out back of tree. The person is wearing a red jacket and black pants. The individual stares at us and I know straightaway who it is. Neo. Neo must have go after us without either one of us from noticing. I didn’t see him, Kyo doesn’t even know who Neo is. Neo’s green eyes becomes full of rage and betrayal. Kyo speaks up with a funny tone, “You should be old enough to know that spying on people isn’t okay.”

Neo’s mouth turns to a scowl. “You should know not to touch what isn’t yours.”

Kyo’s smile turns into a frown. “What isn’t mine?”

“Tohru is engaged. You shouldn’t be kissing someone who has a fiancée.”

Kyo peeks at me, his face full of shock. I have to explain. I have to tell him what’s going on. “Kyo, please listen! I’m engaged, but by force. I didn’t choose to be with Neo.”

Neo opens his mouth, ready to speak. “Tohru wouldn’t be with someone she didn’t love. I know that, I’ve known that.” Kyo states, glaring at Neo. I sigh in relief, glad that Kyo believes me.

Neo walks away, his back turned, like he lost the fight. Kyo let’s go of my hand, mine feels cold without his. Kyo turns towards me, afraid to say something. “Kyo...” I whisper. He understood from the beginning, I need him to understand how any of this happened in the first place.

I talk before I can think too much and back out. “Since before I was born, my future partner was decided for me. Sensei, he wanted what was best for me and Mom and Dad both agreed. When Dad died, Mom decided to move in with Sensei for awhile until she could go back on her own feet. Sensei was married once, they had a son who they both loved. Along the way, his wife didn’t love him anymore and wanted a divorce. After all of that, Mom moved out with me and we lived in an apartment together for until she died. My grandfather took me instead of Sensei because he wasn’t ready to deal with having a female around the house. Then when grandfather was renovating the house, you know what happened after that.” I take a deep breath, I’ve talked too much than what I have been used to. I’m out of breath. I breath heavily, trying to draw in more air.

Kyo’s face is unreadable. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I’m scared that he will run away. I’m scared that the minute all of this sinks in, he’ll say everything was a mistake. “What’s that Neo kid to you?” he asks.

“No one. I hate to say that but he’s nothing special to me Kyo. Neo, he’s Sensei’s son, but I only see him as a brother. Sensei wanted someone with Neo because he’s not good with communicating with others.” I rush out.

“So...Does he have feelings...for you?” Kyo whispers, anxious.

“I don’t know. But he’s not someone I want to be with. I hope you truly believe that.”

Kyo nervousness calms. He smiles, his white teeth showing. This is how I love Kyo, him happy. He takes hold of my hand again and we walk back to the car. He opens up the passenger door and closes it when I step in. Kyo moves over the the driver’s side and secures himself with his seatbelt. He pulls the car out of the parking lot and drives me home. We both are not silent, we fill the air with chatter the whole way back to the house. We drive up and spot Sensei’s car. Dread swells up inside of me, I don’t want to go inside.

The car door unlatches and I step out of the car. I close it and stride to the front door. Before I can even tread inside, the front door swings ajar, revealing Sensei. I turn and tell Kyo my thanks and he drives off away from the house. Rather than turn my head to face Sensei, he yanks me inside the house and the front door shuts.

My back hits the wall. The soreness from the last time awakens. Sensei screams at me but I don’t know what he’s saying. I don’t want to know what he’s saying. Once he stops, silence settles. Everything slows down to a crawl, all I can do is keep my head down.
The front door opens revealing Neo. His face is red, typical of someone who has been crying. Neo doesn’t look at me, but at Sensei.

“Dad, Mom wants to talk to you.”

Sensei sighs and peeks at me. “You’re in trouble, stay where you are until I come back. If you so much as leave this spot, there will be more strife.” He exits the house leaving Neo and I alone.

“I didn’t want to tell him.” Neo mutters.

I slide down to the floor, too tired to stand. “But you did tell him.”

“I had to,” Neo states.

I exhale shaky breathes. “Why did you have to?”

“Because he would have killed you.”

My mouth drops open. “What?”

Neo takes shaggy breathes, his eyes water. “He wanted me to follow you. He told me to have evidence. If I didn’t tell him, he’d hurt you. Sometimes I think he’ll hurt you so badly that you won’t survive.”

I’m bitter. Everything Neo says causes rage to build. I’ve never felt this way towards anyone. I need to leave.

I slowly get off the floor and walk to my room. I grab my school bag and dump the contents onto my bed. I shift through my closet and pull out random clothes and pack them in my backpack. I stride out of my room and spot Neo on the floor, he’s staring at the carpet. Before the nerves gain the better of me, I stride out of the house. I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t care.

I keep my walking pace and continue down the road. I should probably call the Sohmas. Things cannot be any worse, can they?

Kyo’s POV
Something is not right. I want to know what it is. I don’t know where the source is coming from but I want it to stop.

My phone vibrates and sings a song of annoyance. I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the caller ID. The caller reads Unknown. My gut begins to tighten and I answer the phone. “Hello?”


My breathing slows, it’s Tohru. “Hey.”

Her breathing picks up, like she is running.

“You okay?”

“Is there any chance that you can meet me?”

My heart races, “Is everything okay?”

“I don’t know, can you meet me?”

I immediately reply saying I will and Tohru tells me an address of a library so we can meet. Everything in my body is telling me that something is wrong with her. I have to find out from her if something is going on and if I could help somehow.

I yell over to Yuki in our hotel room to let him know that I have something to do. I race out of the hotel room and down the stairs. The host has a face of pure boredom as I pass him.

I dart over to the car and start up the engine. My mind is on high alert. Everything in front of me is passing by quickly as I speed over to the location where Tohru is waiting.

I spot her sitting on the curb with her hands on her lap and her head down. She looks miserable. I stop the car and jump out to get closer to her. I kneel down in front of her and her face tips up. Her face is red, her eyes are glassy. My heart hurts for her.

“Tohru, please tell me what’s going on,” I mutter.

Tohru’s lips wobble and she starts to cry. My heart begins to hurt even more. I move to where I am sitting next to her on the curb. Her crying keeps going, like she’s a baby that’s just been born into this world. I don’t know what to do to make her smile. I want her to smile. I need her to smile.

I pull her up to her feet and drag her into the passenger seat of the car. I run to the driver’s side and start the car. I speed out of the library parking lot. Tohru’s crying slows down to soft whimpers. I view an ice cream shop down the road and head over to the place. I jump out of the car and jog inside. I buy two vanilla with cookie dough ice creams and return to the car.

Tohru’s face is puffy from her tears and I slide into the driver’s seat. I hand her the ice cream and instantly start eating my ice cream. She stares at me and then looks down and beings to eat her frozen dessert.  The silence takes over as we both eat. Something in me says to let it be this way, but I want to talk to her. I want to know what made her cry.

“Kyo, I need to tell you something.”

I look over to her, her brown eyes gaze at me. All I want to do is kiss her, but I stop myself.

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone and that you won’t do anything that could get you in trouble.”

What the hell? Fuck this must be serious. “I promise I won’t tell any living soul. I also promise that I will not do anything to get myself into trouble.” Tohru sighs, her breathing comes out unevenly as she tries to compose herself. “You can tell me anything Tohru,” I murmur to her, urging her to talk.

“Sensei, he’s not a nice guy. He’s done things.” I nod my head, persuading in my own way that she can continue. “He hurts me.”
My breathing becomes heavy and then I yell, “HE DOES WHAT?”


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