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My pics, art, and poems are kinda weird and a little bad, but it's part of what happens when your not that good.


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Kyo’s POV
I stare at her. I can’t move. She looks as beautiful as she always has been. Her face breaks out into a smile. I feel my body begin to relax. Everything is alright with the world. All this pain I have been feeling and even my nervousness has been lifted. I don’t want this feeling to go away.

“You just going to continue blocking the entrance Kyo? We want to see her too!” the rabbit screamed. Momiji pushes me out of the way and kisses Tohru on the cheek.

“It’s nice to see everyone! Come on in!” Tohru says, creaking the door open wider. We all step into the house, one by one. The walls are white but with picture frames here and there. They all have Tohru on them, some with friends, some with family, even some where she’s by herself. I’m intrigued. “Sit on the couch and the chairs, if you need more we have some chairs in the kitchen I can bring out.”

The couch fill up quickly, I decide to sit on the floor instead. Haru and Momiji join me. Tohru is in the center of the room and selects to sit on the floor as well. She’s wearing a long sleeve green shirt and a pair of jeans. Her face shows a sweet, gentle smile. There’s something on her face, it looks like something has been smudged, it could be makeup. Tohru usually does not wear makeup. “You have something on your face…,” I state with curiosity.

Tohru’s eyes gaze at me. “I do?” She shoots up from the floor and heads over to what I presume is a bathroom. “It’s just makeup.”

“You usually don’t wear any. When did you start?” I call back.

“I started a couple weeks ago. I’m still trying to get used to the feel.” Tohru heads back and sits on the floor. Kisa rapidly comes over to Tohru and sits on her lap. Tohru snuggles with her, Kisa immediately relaxes in her arms. Tohru giggles and tightens her arms around Kisa a bit more then loosens her grip after a moment.

“How are you?” Yuki questions.

“I’m fine. It’s been a tough transition from Kaibara High School to Virginia Hall High School. I’ve made a few friends. They’re all out of town at the moment for a field trip so they aren’t here.”

“Really Tohru?” Momiji asks.

“Really.” Tohru answers.

The front door swings open and the man who took Tohru away from us appears. He’s in a black kimono with a the sun pattern all around on it. He closes the door. He strides over and places himself right next to Tohru, as if he’s trying to claim that only he can be besides her. My body heats up with anger. I stop myself from getting up and sitting besides her on the other side, I instead take a breath.

“Thank you all for coming to go and see Tohru,” he says, smile tight.

We all mutter in unison our own thank yous. Hatori speaks up right after. “Have you had a check up since you’ve been here?” Tohru shakes her head. “You need one. I haven’t checked up on you since you got the cold months back.” Kisa holds Tohru a little tighter, afraid that she’ll have to leave her side.

Tohru gently nudges Kisa off her and takes her hand. They both get up and head over to Hatori. “I have a room that we can use. Follow me.” Tohru leads Kisa and Hatori away from the group. We hear a door shut moments later.

There’s an awkward silence that takes over. Shigure speaks up. “I have to ask. Has Tohru been happy here?”

The man hums, pondering the question. He answers after a minute, “She’s been fine. She’s smiling. She’s having fun.”

Something about him is off. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t trust the man sitting in front of me. My phone vibrates, it’s from Tohru, I forgot to mention my Sensei’s name is Torrance. Sorry for forgetting to tell all of you</b>. Torrance? Who names their kid that? I gaze at him, he seems unperplexed with the awkward silence.

“Do you have any games?” comes out Haru’s mouth a minute later. The group ask Torrance, hoping that he does. He shakes his head yes and pulls himself up from the floor. He heads into what seems to be a tiny supply closet. He hauls out different games; Life, Jenga, Monopoly, and Hedbanz.

Hiro grabs Hedbanz. It’s been decided that we’ll play the game Hiro picked. Torrance takes the game from Hiro and unboxes it. Ou pipes up that this is her favorite game that doesn’t involve playing cards. Ou grabs the front of my shirt, “Let’s make a bet. If I get more points than you I get to dye your hair black.”

I take hold of her shirt and make my own rebuttal. “If I win Yankee, you do my school chores for a week.” Ou agrees instantly and the game begins.

Everyone gets their turn to play. We’re thirty minutes in and the door that Hatori, Tohru, and Kisa rapidly opens showing Kisa. She shuts the door seconds later and sits next to Hiro. Everyone looks at her but refuses to make eye contact with everyone. Hiro grasps Kisa’s hand and rests it against her thigh. She breathes a sigh of relief and everyone continues to play the game.

Ou and I tie 20 more minutes in. The door behind the living room opens up once again with Hatori and Tohru walking out. I peek at Torrance and he holds in his breathe...Weird. Hatori and Tohru tread across the floor and place themselves in the living room in the positions they were at before they left. Hatori looks composed as ever but Tohru looks nervous. Ou and Hana get up from the couch and sit besides Tohru on each end. Torrance had the decency to move a little to let Hana take his place besides her. Kisa jumps from her spot and lands right back in Tohru’s lap. No one wants to talk. The air is stiff and uncomfortable. A spell has taken over and no one wishes to break the silence.

Torrance pushes himself up. “I have to go back to work. I hope you all have a wonderful time here.” He leaves. For some reason it’s like he’s lost a fight and his tail is in between his legs. The air is still harsh but has calm down since his departure. Something isn’t right.
Hatori clears his throat and says, “It’s best that we be on our way.” Hatori thrusts himself off the couch and starts for the door. Kisa begins to cry. Everyone gets up without a word, but Kisa and I remain sitting. Tohru’s face is pale and sad. Kisa cries harder and begs to stay. Hatori walks over to Kisa and tells her that we need to eat while Tohru gets some rest. Rest? What for?

Kisa grabs Hatori’s hand and he pulls her to her feet. He walks with Kisa’s hand in his towards the door. Hatori glances back to where I am sitting and calls for me to come along. I don’t want to. She’s here with me and I don’t want to let her go again. Haru picks me up like weightless toy and flings me over his shoulder. “Put me down!” I shriek. Haru continues to hold onto me and holds the door open for the others.

One by one every leaves. They say their goodbyes and parade over to the cars. I view Tohru, her eyes are red and bloodshot. Her figure looks frail, like she hasn’t been eating. She looks ill. Haru steps out of the house and drags me over to the car. He opens the driver’s side door and puts me inside and shuts it. The only thing I keep thinking is that the sun has left and the rain is once again out. Tohru is in pain and there’s nothing I can do to heal it.

Tohru’s POV

Hatori knows. Hatori knows. He forced Kisa out of the room once he saw my bruise on my arm. He inspected me like I was an animal at the zoo. His face was stone cold. Hatori knows what Sensei has done and there’s no way that he’ll just sit by and watch. He didn’t believe me about me being klumzy, his face said it all. He knows that Sensei put these bruises on me.

I stay on the floor for over an hour. I get up from the floor and begin to pace. I need a plan. Sensei knew the minute we came out that Hatori knew what was going on. I have to lie. I need a plan to get this resolved. I need a plan immediately. I stop pacing. I call Kyo without a second thought.

The phone rings twice before he picks up. “You okay?” I’m not okay. I’m not okay.

“I’m fine. I was just wondering if tomorrow all of us can meet at Moon Restaurant for lunch? I forgot to ask you all that before you left.”

Kyo yells on the other line to the others and ask the question I gave him. A few minutes later he comes back on the line, “We’ll meet you there.” I sigh with joy. Kyo’s voice calms me down way more than anything could ever try. Kyo doesn’t hang up the phone. His breathing is normal. A moment passes and he asks, “Are you sure you’re okay? Before….before...before you looked faded, like sick. You weren’t like that before Hatori checked up on your health. Did he do something to you?”

“...I’m fine. I’m just tired, that’s all,” I state. Kyo breathes a harsh breath and exhales.

“I’m on my over to go and get you. No excuses. I’m picking you up and we’ll do anything you want to do, okay?”

“Kyo, you don’t have to. All I need is to take a nap for an hour and I’ll be energized. Really Kyo, I’m okay.”

“I said no excuses. I’ll be there in 10.” He hangs up the phone. My body begins to heat up. Kyo was worried about me. I smile to myself and hold the cell phone close to my face. My cheeks begin to redden. I’m on cloud nine right now, I don’t want to go down.

I sit on the couch and stare at my phone screen. I text Sensei that I’ll be with the group for a while and I don’t know when they’ll take me home. I don’t want him to know that I’ll be alone with Kyo, Sensei would ban me from seeing him if he knew.

The doorbell rings and I hop off the couch. I dash over to the door and swing open the door. Kyo is focused on me. He smiles and catches my hand. Before I know what’s happening he yanks me out of the house, closes the door and takes me over to the car. He unlocks the car and opens the passenger door for me. I step inside and he shuts the door. He runs over to the other side and gets in. The air is heavy but not uncomfortable. This I am used to. This is normal. Kyo starts the car and begins leaving the driveway. The car ride is silent and I couldn’t be happier.

Time passes and Kyo parks in a parking lot. Across the street is a park with a trail leading to the woods. The woods look inviting, all I want to do is go in there and not come out. Kyo apparently had exited the car and opened up my side. I step out of the car and Kyo immediately takes my hand in his. It seems that Kyo read my mind because he leads me over to the trail. We stride side by side in complete muteness. Neither one of us want to interrupt it, I don’t mind it at all.
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Kyo’s POV

School is boring as it always is. The teachers are boring. My classmates are boring. Nothing seems to catch my eye since she left. I gaze out the window and see nothing but rain. It’s like the weather knows my mood.

A rod is slammed on my desk. I glance up and my face blanches. “Hana and I are coming with you tomorrow. No exceptions.”


“The Prince told us that you and your family are going to go and see Tohru. Hana and I are attending. No buts.”

“You thought I would fight you? Tohru will be glad to see you and Hana.”

“Orange-head, I’m surprised with you.” Ou exclaimed, roughly petting my hair.

“Quit it Yankee!” I yelp, desperate to be let go.

Ou releases me then inspecting me, like I’m an experiment. “You miss her.” I feel like she can see right through me. I sigh, I do not want to have this conversation with this wack job. I got it from that damn rat, I don’t want it with her. Instead of responding I leave the classroom and head to the bathroom. I don’t care that we’re in the middle of lunch, I’m not coming back to class today. If it wasn’t raining, I’d be heading home and packing for the trip.

You should really get your head out of the clouds. You’ll run into someone.”

I jump backwards and look up. It’s Hana. I can’t escape either of them. “So what of it? I’m not allowed to think?”

She regards me with cold eyes, “Just be careful…. Ou and I will be at Shigure’s house at 7.” She stretches her arms and walks back into the classroom. She confuses me even more than I already am. How can Tohru deal with them on a daily basis? I’m already tired of communicating with the both of them.

The Next Day

Stretching my arms, I look outside the window. The sun is shining. I can hear the birds chirping together, excited that the day has begun. I smile, relieved that today I can see her with my own eyes. I can see her and touch her. I head over to the bathroom and wash up.

I head back into my room and open my closet. I pluck my black shirt and my tan cargo pants from the hangers. Putting them on as promptly as I can. I pull open the top dresser drawer and snag my lucky pair of socks. I go to the door and close it. My shoes are held up by overdoor shoe organizer and grasp my favorite pair of shoes. I head over to my bed and sit. I swiftly put on my socks and shoes.
“Kyo, are you ready?” Yuki yells from downstairs.

“Yeah!” I wail. I pull my suitcase from the corner of my room and exit. I head down the stairs, ready to go. I unlock the front door and go outside. I look around. Hana, Ou, Kisa, Hiro, Momiji, Yuki, Shigure, Haru, and for some reason, Hatori. I thought only a few of us were going to go and see Tohru but half of Zodiac decided to show up and increase the numbers.

“You ready?” Yuki questioned. I nodded, heading for one of two of the blue TOYOTA Hiace Vans. As I and a few others piled into one car, I hear Yuki. “Cat, you’re driving. Everybody, the drive to where Miss Honda is at is 5 hours. The more time on the road, more time to see her.”

I grab the driver’s side door and open it. I hop in, ready to see Tohru. Yuki throws the keys through the window, I catch them. Putting the key in the engine, I hear the car come to life.

“Hurry and go Orange Top! Let’s get going already!” Ou shrieked. For once I listen. I push down on the gas pedal and the car moves forward. I smile, knowing that this amazing machine will bring me to her.


“WILL YOU ALL STOP FIGHTING BACK THERE? I’M TRYING TO DRIVE HERE!” I holler. Ever since we have been on the road, it’s like everyone wanted to fight with each other. I can’t stand it.

“We’re not fighting Kyo, we’re debating,” Momiji proclaimed.

“I don’t care. Can you all keep it down? I don’t want to crash.”

One by one each person agreed, much to my pleasure. “Turn right on Red Maple Drive,” Yuki said, holding the road map between his fingers.

“Okay, thanks.”


“Turn right and Antrim Village should be on our right,” Yuki pointed out.

I turn and see the entrance. I stop the car and put it in park. Hatori does the same and meets me. “It seems that the doors in front of us can’t be opened unless someone has a code. You have it, correct?”

“Yeah, it’s Happy Jungle 656.”

Hatori leaves me and enters back into the car. He pulls up in front of the entrance. A gruff voice comes over on a speaker asking what the code is. Hatori recites what I told him and the doors unbolt and opens. I rush into my car and follow Hatori. He pulls up in a hotel parking lot and yells at Yuki to roll down his window. Yuki rolls down his window and Hatori immediately tells all of us that we need to check into the hotel and notify Tohru’s Sensei of our arrival.

I turn off the car. Instead of immediately leaving the vehicle, I continue to sit. The car doors open and slam shut. I breathe a heavy breath. I feel nervous. I don’t get to see Tohru yet but I am already nervous. What’s going on with me?

Shigure opens my door. “Kyo, if you don’t leave the car and check in with us, you’ll be sleeping out here.”

“I’m coming, I just needed to think,” I say, pushing Shigure away from me and shut the door quietly.

We all check in, boys with the boys and the girls with the girls, a total of one room for the girls and three for the boys. We all head over to our rooms, I sadly share a room with Momiji. I hold the card key up to the scanner and a green light appears. I creak the door open and spot two queen beds. I exhale in relief, I did not want to share a bed with that rabbit. Momiji bypasses me and hops on the closest bed. I stride over to the bed close to the window and set my suitcase down.

“Do you think Tohru will be happy that we’re here?” Momiji questioned.

“...I….I believe she will,” I mutter with false hope. I pluck my phone from pant’s pocket and rapidly type in the number of Tohru’s Sensei. My throat is closing at a fast rate. I feel like I can’t breathe. The other line begins to ring and all I want to do is throw up.

“Hello?” comes a rough, irritated voice.

“Um.. Hi. This is Kyo Sohma,” I rush out before my throat closes up completely.

“Oh. You came all the way here to come see Tohru if I remember correctly. You guys can show up whenever you all like.”

“Thanks,” I say. The phone call ends. Something isn’t right but I can’t put my finger on it. I shrug it off and glance at Momiji. “Get everyone into the cars. We can go on and head over to their house.” Momiji perks up at that and dashes out of the room with the door widely open. I close the door behind me and step down the stairs. I push the doors open and head over to the car. I open the car door and sit in the driver seat.

As if on cue, everyone opens their doors and step inside. I look over past Yuki in the passenger seat and spot the other car being packed in as well. I start the car and pull out of the parking lot. Yuki starts giving me directions while Hatori follows from behind. Ten minutes into the car ride I spot the house that Tohru currently resides. My chest feels heavy. My breathing becomes ragged. I yank the car up the driveway and put the car in park. I turn the engine off.

Everyone piles out of the car. It feels like there’s a parade just for her. Without thinking I lead everyone up the front porch step. Before I can get nervous and back away, I press the doorbell.

I hear someone on the other side of the door. The moment the door opens my mouth widens. Tohru is in front of me. The sun is shining and nothing is boring anymore.
Kyo and Tohru 6
I hope you enjoy. I'm writing chapter 8 right now but I don't know when chapter 7 will be up.
Dec 22, 2016
:iconcrimenationlove:crimenationlove has changed their username (formerly animecouplesandpoems)
I'm discontinuing Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO. I don't know if someday I'll change my mind on Alone or Not and NAMIALYEIWAOO, but right now, it's not going to continue.
But there is good news!
Kyo and Tohru will still be continued, I'm writing chapter 8 right now and a friend of mine is editing it. I'm excited for you guys to read it. Please look forward to the new chapters, thank you.


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